General Server

Server pricing is modular and depends on the following factors:

  • Choice of live data feed.
  • The number of instrument types supported.
  • Whether the requirements include:
  • Reposerver access to real time filtered data

    Tick data collection

    Data blending

  • Whether customer requires real time filtered and/or blended data to interface with some other data platform (for example republishing filtered data to a Reuters Triarch or Tibco Rendevous data platform so filtered and/or blended data becomes available to applications designed to operate on these platform).
  • Whether the customer requires high level tools such as Ride to access the collected tick data.
  • Whether customer requires historical data to initialise the data repository which will be then appended on site after system deployment.
  • The degree of maintainance and support required and the presence of absence of remote access for maintainace.

Please contact us for a concrete quote based on your requirements.

Olsen/IDC or Olsen/Tenfore Server

Price: €24000 per annum - includes the following:

  • Installation of live internet data feed from IDC or Tenfore (which we can organise on your behalf - feed price not included).
  • Filtered tick by tick data collection into an Olsen Data repository for all Fx Spot Time Series.
  • Reposerver.
  • Simple tool (RepoReq) to access (in ascii format) real time filtered data from the RepoServer (which can be piped to custom applications).
  • Remote maintainace and support during office hours.
  • Hardware not included. Minimum requirement: 1 linux host (8GB/1TB) + 1 additional host for interfacing with vendor. (System can be made arbitrarily fail safe with additional hardware costs.)

Please contact us for additional details.